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Technological devices, which help care for patients with mild Covid-19 at home

The online journal “Tecnología e Innovación”, in an article “Technological devices, which help care for patients with mild Covid-19 at home” mentioned the Show2Doc application as one of the virtual solutions for remote treatment and monitoring.

Covid-19 is a disease that has unfortunately caused many deaths around the world, however, a majority of the cases manage to recover with home care. In Mexico, as for mid-February, about 81% of the more than 2 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been ambulatory, according to federal government data. All over the world, many of the advances in technology are being used to monitor these patients with mild Covid-19, who are being treated at home.

In the United States, the Mayo Clinic has a home monitoring program for its Covid-19 ambulatory patients to keep an eye on them for the potential complication. Its program is aimed for patients with complex chronic diseases and uses technology and medical devices that are delivered to patients’ homes. They allow patients to monitor their vital signs and assess their symptoms, and a remote nursing team monitors this data on a regular basis to assess their health and progress.

Patients enrolled in its remote monitoring program receive a kit with a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter and a scale. These technological devices are used from two to four times a day and measurements are automatically sent via a mobile-connected tablet, which is included in the kit. The nursing team also makes calls to determine whether patients are experiencing symptoms such as vomiting or shortness of breath.

Mobile applications against Covid-19

Also, virtual healthcare provider SK-Telemed created the Show2Doc application, for virtual care, with the possibility of ambulatory treatment, of Covid-19. This platform functions as a mobile app for the patient and a web-based interface for the doctor. To minimize the need to visit a clinic, the platform allows individual measures and medication schedules to be set for each patient. Also communication via text messages and video calls for consultations and moral support. The platform also provides a patient diary and vital signs monitoring via Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices.

Monitoring with smart security cameras

There are also some other technological devices to assist those who have a Covid-19 patient in their care at home, such as the EZVIZ smart security cameras.

In a press release sent to NotiPress, EZVIZ mentioned the possibility of monitoring a family member with Covid-19 using its cameras to maintain isolation and a healthy distance. “The cameras have a wide-angle lens, speaker and microphone, and by simply pressing the button on the application, it is possible to listen and talk to our isolated family member in a clear manner,” said Aaron Olvera, key account manager at EZVIZ.

With the help of technology, many of the care needs of Covid-19 patients can be facilitated. Either through the use of IoMT devices for remote monitoring, or with the use of cameras that allow family member who cares about the patient, to keep their distance. For the relatives, the use of technology could be particularly useful, given the crucial need to avoid close contact and maintain scrupulous hygiene to prevent re-infection.

Source: Dispositivos tecnológicos ayudan a cuidar pacientes con Covid-19 leve en casa

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