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Doctor-to-patient communication and health monitoring platform Show2Doc11/11/2020

Show2Doc — a Precise Instrument for Treatment Online [Cases]

Show2Doc 💙 is a worldwide doctor-to-patient communication and monitoring platform.

Show2Doc for chronically ill patients

This is Paul. He loves when everything is connected. Show2Doc supports his treatment connecting him with his doctor for early detection of changes in his health stages.

For example, his blood pressure monitor pulse oximeter and other devices can immediately send data to Show2Doc manually or automatically. Paul also loves to receive reminders to take his medications. Paul’s doctor monitors his health in real time and sets up daily questions for the patient’s diary.

Telemedicine solution Show2Doc for chronically ill patients

During a pandemic Show2Doc can significantly reduce the numbers of heavy cases and hospitalizations.

Show2Doc for patients with COVID-19 symptoms

And this is Steven. He is in self-isolation outdoors. Steven’s doctor monitors his health status changes every day and can detect COVID-19 symptoms on time.

Telehealth software Show2Doc for patients with COVID-19 symptoms

Show2Doc full scope outpatient treatment with no visits to the clinic: convenient task management, simple video calls, timely live chat, doctor prescriptions, patient diary, vitals monitoring, scheduling, and much more.

Show2Doc for pregnant women and home care

This is Anna and Peter. They are expecting their first child. To avoid unnecessary visits to the clini, they use Show2Doc. Now the doctor is monitoring Anna’s vital signs and is always in touch. If they have any questions with Show2Doc they are much less worried. Isn’t that right guys?

Telehealth app Show2Doc for pregnant women and home care
  • quick chat available for instant feedback
  • regular prescription monitoring
  • user-friendly intuitive interface
  • video calls in emergency cases
  • all vital signs and symptoms have already been entered by the patient
  • time, cost and life saving.

Show2Doc for a quick consultation with a doctor

This is Alex. He thinks he has the flu or maybe COVID-19. He connected with his family doctor right away. And after some testing and a video call, it’s obvious that he has an allergy because of his new cat. The family doctor transfers Alex with his Show2Doc subscription to an allergist. Yes, it can do that too.

Telehealth software Show2Doc for a quick doctor-to-patient consultation — partner for care.
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