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Message by Dr. Sergiy Kutsevlyak about the third wave of the pandemic02/16/2021

Message by Dr. Sergiy Kutsevlyak about the third wave of the pandemic

The world is now facing 3rd wave of the Corona epidemic and we feel it is the right moment to provide more weapons to stop this war.

Actually — it is enough of common goods supplied already — testing units, gloves, masks and clothes, also oxygen stations and ventilation machines.

The Health systems now suffers not from lack of equipment, but from old-fashion workflow, which is perfect for regular speed of disease running in society, but totally insufficient for waves of illness and nuclear reaction of infection transfer during epidemy.

Hospital stage of treatment is the most complicated scenario for patients, expensive and hard results. It is too late to change the scenario, only to pray and support the medic team in their struggle.

Real challenge — is to treat properly from first hours and days, when everything seems easy and safe, patient and doctor don’t mention slight changes in symptoms, losing a moment for timely changes in treatment protocol.

This is the moment for remote patient monitoring use:

  • questionnaire about symptoms change
  • main parameters measurement triple a day
  • medication management with reminders
  • quick chat with doctor in case of visible changes in disease flow
  • finally — videochat with answers and recommendations from doctor!

Show2Doc is the only solution which provides all of these instruments in one hand. Just use.

Very important — to use it not for dozens of Covid patients only, but for thousands of chronic patients (cardiology, diabetes, asthma, etc), which are fixed at homes today, postponing with regular check-up diagnostic and proper everyday treatment because of lockdown. This will save much more lifes!

Another big opportunity — our telehealth remote diagnostic system IDIS2GO.

All disabled, heavy ill patients and elderly people are now at home, with limited access to diagnostic and proper treatment.

Outpatient clinics will manage this risk using IDIS2GO, sending nurses or paramedics at home with timely detection of changes in health status, making changes in treatment accordingly!

We are working in 15 countries now and open for cooperation with more countries in public health to start with building modern telemedicine infrastructure for new quality of life.

Dr. Sergiy Kutsevlyak

CEO SK-Telemed GmbH

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