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Telehealth vs Flu Season: how can Show2Doc help patients with influenza11/27/2020

How can Show2Doc help patients with influenza?

Even before COVID-19, the сough, cold, and flu seasons have been rough on everyone: patients, physicians, and healthcare systems. This autumn and winter, healthcare and medical practice are especially trying to prevent the onslaught of patients who enter the doors of clinics with symptoms of cough, colds, and flu.

Healthcare providers face challenges ranging from controlling the spread of infection and protecting at-risk populations to increasing workloads. But those who are armed with a smart telehealth strategy and the right virtual care platform are keeping a flu season from turning into a public health collapse.  

Recognizing this, the medical associations updated their telehealth manuals at the beginning of the pandemic to include telemedicine methods that can help triage patients and avoid unnecessary in-person visits to reduce potential exposure to the coronavirus. Within telemedicine, the tools featured most prominently are remote patient monitoring and video-enabled calls, as well as prescription management. All these tools are available in Show2Doc.

Use case: Telehealth vs Flu Season

Let us share a brief history of the patient with symptoms of flu and cold to illustrate how the virtual treatment and care platform Show2Doc works.

Telehealth solution (software + devices) for patients with COVID-19 symptoms — Show2Doc

This is Steven, a 56-year-old man. He could not take time off from work to get a flu shot and now he has flu symptoms. He is also worried that it could be coronavirus. 

Taking the bus to the emergency center outside is a miserable prospect when he has fever and muscle pain. If he waits until the weekend, it will be too late for him to take a Tamiflu. Fortunately, he can use his smartphone to access the Show2Doc patient application and get medical help from the doctor of his subscription in just a few minutes.

Steven describes his symptoms, receives recommendations from the doctor, an e-prescription for a Tamiflu, so his wife can pick him up from the pharmacy on the way home from work.

The doctor has identified a list of tasks for the daily monitoring of Steven’s health status. His physician set tasks to determine objective and subjective indicators:

  • temperature
  • %SPO2 blood oxygen saturation
  • breathing tests
  • smell and taste tests
  • pulse rate, and more.

Patients, like Steven, who exhibit viral symptoms but feel well enough to stay home or are self-insulated will be given a thermometer and pulse oximeter (or other medical devices) that are connected to the Show2Doc digital platform controlled by doctors.

As the number of patients competing for a doctor with a constant patient load increases, clinical and administrative staff often work double shifts. Virtual care solutions, such as Show2Doc, that provide automation increase the efficiency of providers in the treatment of frequent diseases such as flu. This frees up the time needed by physicians to meet the needs of heavier patients. Show2Doc platform provides an exciting foundation for a whole new approach to medical care.

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