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Health monitoring and communication platform Show2Doc for home use

Discover benefits of Show2Doc for home use:

  • task manager to ensure that the doctor’s prescriptions are accurately followed
  • observation diary to record all health changes
  • chat & video calls for quick communication
  • personal connected devices in cases are need
  • health tracking and treatment online with no in-person visits to the clinic.

Who is it suitable for?

Patients with COVID-19 on self-isolation or outpatient treatment

  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • Pregnant women and in pediatrics
  • Elderly people and people who take care about them
  • Patients in rural area
  • Patients in rehabilitation and post-operative care.

For example, if you felt unwell, your personal subscription on Show2Doc allows you to receive virtual care and stay in touch with the doctor without visiting the clinic. If you feel worse you can always tell the doctor about it via a text chat.

Online consultations with your doctor help to detect and prevent deterioration in time.

Schedule notifications and get consultations from the doctor just staying at home! Show2Doc is much more than just online consultations. It is your personal health manager. Regular fulfillment of doctor’s prescriptions is possible with the help of a patient treatment calendar and a task manager created by the doctor.

You can add pictures and files into a text chat with the doctor, as well as set a personal patient diary to fill in all health changes.

Also, if you need, you can use personal devices for health monitoring and send measurement results to the doctor:

  • electronic blood pressure monitor
  • infrared forehead/ear thermometer
  • %SpO2 pulse oximeter sensor
  • glucose monitoring system
  • personal fetal doppler
  • spirometer, etc.

Show2Doc collects a personal medical history and treatment dynamic in one App. Protect you and your family from COVID-19. Keep in touch with your doctor remotely.

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