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Common Cases of Remote Patient Monitoring during COVID-19

Prior to the pandemic, remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools, including blood pressure cuffs and blood glucose monitors, were becoming increasingly common. The public health emergency continues to accelerate innovation in health care. Now healthcare should focus on introducing daily monitoring of health status and follow-up of prescriptions in patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment.

Show2Doc can connect a doctor and patient virtually, and allow doctors to continue providing medical care.

Common Cases:


Patients recovering from COVID-19 are enrolled in a 14-day interactive treatment plan using the Show2Doc patient application at home. They can administer symptoms, temperature and oxygen saturation once a day. If the symptoms worsen, the healthcare providers will be automatically notified.


Patients who exhibit viral symptoms but feel well enough to stay home or are self-insulated will be given a thermometer and pulse oximeter that are connected to the Show2Doc digital platform controlled by doctors.


For those who are at high risk of infection with the virus, telemetry kits are pre-issued and patient’s applications are installed on a smartphones. Patients monitor their symptoms twice a day and communicate virtually with the doctor who observes them.

Show2Doc uses cloud-based patient management software to track and communicate with COVID-19 home patients using a smartphone or tablet. 92% of users say the platform has helped them avoid visiting a hospital or calling a doctor.

Discover all features Show2Doc has!

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