Show2Doc takes care of you and
your patients during pandemics

Medical workers belong to the high-risk group and therefore have the greatest chance of being infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

You should be very careful when contacting patients with signs of respiratory disease.

With no coronavirus vaccine available, keeping a distance, movement restrictions and quarantine are recognized as the most effective way to avoid infection.

During the epidemic, workload and psychological pressure on doctors also increased.

Developing ways to reduse the contacts between individuals is an important task since the world experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional Patient-Doctor communication involves face-to-face meetingds. They in return might include onescreening at the begining, several consultations along with treatment, and one meetingto close the case.

Show2Doc product takes advantage of digital healthcare technology and moves majority of the Patient-Doctor communication to online. Not only to fasten Doctor-to-Patient communication but also to focus on prevention of offline contacts to defeat COVID-19 and future pandemic theats.

The Show2Doc telemedicine service is ahead for the entire duration.
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Use Show2Doc to communicate with your patients remotely


Show2Doc is a Doctor-to-Patient communication and monitoring platform. 

Patient app collects all measurements and transmits them to doctor’s interface — very convenient for patients at home.

Reminders, task manager, telemedicine consultations make Show2Doc direct channel between doctor and patient.

Show2Doc telemedicine platform allows the doctor to manage the treatment process in the best way and keep tracking patients activities.


Show2Doc communication and monitoring system includes:

  • Web-based interface for the Doctor
  • Android and iOS apps for the Patient
  • Virtual cloud platform
  • Portable medical devices for the Patient to home use

Technical issues

  • No additional software need to be used: just the Show2Doc web interface for the doctor and the Show2Doc mobile app for the patient
  • Application can be personalized for clinic (name of the app in store, logo, colours etc)
  • Only specific list of devices can be connected to Show2Doc application
  • Online guides for patients how to provide observations and use devices
  • Technical and users support 24/7

Benefits for clinics and doctors

  • Increase profit by accessing new online market, selling additional medical services and devices.
  • Fully control patient treatment: schedule, view patient’s health indicators, and treatment activities, ajust any time.
  • Reduce inpatient hospital stay by remote patient treatment monitoring and emergency prevention.
  • Save doctor’s time due telemedicine consultations Doctor-to-Patient, task manager with calendar and status notifications.
  • Improve patient’s outcomes and loyality

Create the personilyzed channel of communication between your and patient

Web-based interface for the Doctor


A doctor can create a new monitoring subscription for a patient from “Subscriptions” to begin monitoring process. Also a doctor may manage subscriptions and view payment statuses from his patients.

Full-fledged workflows

A doctor may prescribe medications for a patient, use a task manager to schedule medical measurements list and telemedicine consultations with a patient, set a calendar and observation diary with questions to monitor a patient condition.

Chats and video-calls

The doctor can use “Chat” section to find a chat with a specific patient and ”Video calls” section to manage and start video calls with camera. During a video call, patients and doctor can click on the buttons of other sections and to go to them.


The “Patients” section structures all patients in one place with all data (EHR) and a medical history.


Reports shows latest reports, history and dynamics for each patient.

How to use Show2Doc platform

A short video of how doctors use the Show2Doc telemedicine platform in practice for remote monitoring and patient communication.

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up to 10 online consultations per doctor

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Doctor-doctor conferences

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up to 30 online consultations per doctor

Appointment notification


Doctor-doctor conferences

Video recording is saved


Unlimited online consultations

Appointment notification


Doctor-doctor conferences

Video recording is saved

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