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Doctor-to-patient communication and health monitoring platform Show2Doc TELEHEALTH
a solution against COVID-19 pandemic
Doctor-to-patient communication and health monitoring platform Show2Doc

Managing COVID-19 patients via Show2Doc

Show2Doc is a Doctor-to-Patient monitoring and communication platform that combines telemedicine capability and connectivity with medical devices into a single system.

Show2Doc is used as a solution for remote monitoring and support of patients who are on self-isolation or with COVID-19 in outpatient treatment.

Due to the ability to monitor patients on the basis of medical protocols, the platform allows you to identify in time and speed up the care of infected patients whose condition is deteriorating.

Patient app (Android and iOS) collects all measurements from medical devices and transmits them to doctor’s web interface.

Reminders, task manager, telemedicine consultations make Show2Doc direct channel between doctors and patients.

Healthcare should focus on introducing health status daily monitoring and follow-up of prescriptions for patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment
Show2Doc allows the doctor to set an individual measurement and medication schedule, patient diary, contact via text and video chat with patient.

Your benefits of using Show2Doc
for daily patient monitoring

Continuous treatment and care online during the pandemic without in-person visits to the clinic

Significant reducing of labor time and cost savings for each daily patient monitoring

Reduction of severe cases and hospitalizations through remote health monitoring

Doctor prescriptions fulfillment control with automatic documentation

Complete doctor-patient interaction: text & video chats, online consultations, medication management, etc.

outpatient treatment

Observation diary to record all health changes, detect and prevent deterioration in time

intuitive interfaces

User-friendly intuitive interfaces for doctors and patients to reach out to a wide audience

Convenient time and task management for precise treatment online

If you would like to learn more about Show2Doc, send us a message below or book a demo with us.

COVID-19 daily monitoring with Show2Doc

Let’s get patients involved in saving their lives!

The introduction of daily monitoring for patients in self-isolation and outpatient treatment through Show2Doc platform will improve the timeliness of treatment, significantly reduce the number of severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Show2Doc telemedicine platform allows the doctor to manage the treatment process in the best way and keep tracking patients activities and symptoms.

Why Show2Doc is the best solution for daily COVID-19 monitoring?

  • Time, cost and life saving.
  • Doctor prescription fulfillment monitoring and control.
  • Quick chat for instant feedback.
  • Video сalls in necessary cases – all vital signs and symptoms are already been entered by the patient.
  • Full scope outpatient treatment with no in-person visits to the clinic.
  • User-friendly intuitive interfaces.
  • Convenient task and medication management.

Daily monitoring tasks for patients with COVID-19

Timely detect of any changes is the task for daily monitoring:

  • t° — body temperature
  • SpO2 — oxygen saturation
  • 30″ — breath hold test
  • other important symptoms

COVID-19 is a disease, when symptoms of lung tissue damage are often invisible to the patient

How to use Show2Doc platform

A short video of how doctors use the Show2Doc telemedicine platform in practice for remote patient monitoring and communication.

How does it work?

The system includes a web-based interface for the doctor, convenient applications for the patient (Android and iOS), portable medical devices for home use and a virtual cloud platform. Connected portable devices are optional, patient may use also own devices and enter results manually.

From here, all data transfers to Doctor Web interface and is in real-time. All data is processed and stored in a secure virtual cloud.

Steps to start monitoring through Show2Doc

Doctor creates a Subscription for the patient with individual schedule for performing objective measurements, monitoring subjective indicators, taking medications, with marks of completion.
Depending on his/her condition, the person is provided with the necessary connected medical devices or use own ones, including a thermometer, a SpO2 pulse oximeter sensor, a blood pressure meter, etc.
The patient installs the Show2Doc app on the smartphone and activate Subscription following a link in email from the doctor. If necessary, the doctor appoints the time for a video call, to clarify patient conditions, make recommendations and provide psychological support.
All patients actions by doctors tasks are automatically uploaded to the App and Doctor web interface. For objective indicators, the doctor can also set a limit of normal and abnormal indicators ​​for each patient, and Show2Doc will make alarms from the doctor in case of abnormal indicators.

How to implement Show2Doc in your practice?


  • Virtual demonstration

We will hold a short online demo via video conferencing to show you the platform and discuss how it can help your practice.

  • Online training and support

We will conduct virtual training sessions for your staff to ensure that they fully understand how to communicate and monitor patient health remotely using Show2Doc.

  • Creation of clinic and doctors accounts

We will register your clinic as Show2Doc organization and allow your doctors to invite patients and create monitoring subscriptions.

  • No additional software

As an open platform, Show2Doc makes it possible to create additional functionality, device connectivity or integration (e.g. EMR/EHR, MIS, etc.) to become an organic part of your work environment.

  • Continuous treatment and care during the pandemic

Time, cost and life saving for doctors and patients.

If you would like to learn more about Show2Doc, send us a message below or book a demo with us.

Patient application in convenient format

Available for Android and iOS

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