The complete health monitoring for home use!

Show2Doc is a Doctor-to-Patient monitoring and communication platform.

We use IoT Technologies and AI algorithms to facilitate health monitoring status and give proper treatment solutions.

Show2Doc is a service for continuous care between a doctor and a patient outside the clinic. Due to collecting and transmitting health data using self-monitoring devices, observation diaries, text and video chats, the patients may continue treatment process outside the clinic with doctor’s high-level control.

Show2Doc allows the doctor to manage a treatment process in best way and keep tracking patients activities. 

Being an open platform, Show2Doc can connect various medical devices. The basic set includes: a personal fetal doppler, portable ECG, infrared thermometer, urine analyzer, digital scales, electronic blood pressure monitor, glucometer, etc. Details in section Devices.

Show2Doc telemedicine platform is ahead for the entire duration.
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The system includes a web-based interface for the doctor, a user-friendly app for the patient (Android and iOS), a virtual cloud platform and portable medical devices for the patient to home use.

Patient data is collected from connected medical devices and the patient mobile application in real-time. From here, it goes straight to the patient’s medical records, and is available to the doctor. All data is processed and stored in a secure virtual cloud.

Web-based interface for the Doctor

Web-based interface for the Doctor

Create the personilyzed channel of communication
between the doctor and patient

Android and iOS apps for the Patient

Android and iOS apps for the Patient

Keep in touch with the doctor when you need it
due to the convenient application

Medical devices for the Patient to home use

Promote proactive patient self-care and monitor
the most important measures taken by patients

Virtual cloud platform

Virtual cloud platform

Cloud computing and telemedicine introduces
new opportunities for transforming healthcare delivery

Convenient communication channel with the doctor from anywhere in the world: chat, video calls
Remote monitoring reduces disease complications and emergency visits to hospital and overall readmissions costs, reducing inpatient hospital stay.
Comfortable reliable and trustful atmosphere during the treatment process

Benefits of the Show2Doc platform

Treatment during a pandemic

Continuous treatment and care during the pandemic

A source of additional income and time savings for hospitals

Frequent communication between patient and doctor

Doctor and Patient are always in touch to achieve common goals

Guarantee of data protection and confidential environment

Remote and up-to-date treatment management

Document management optimization and paper saving

Saving fuel and travel expenses to the doctor

Continuous care with portable
medical devices

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity and rising adoption of digital health technology are some of the key factors promoting the growth of mobile health solutions.

For many people mHealth and IoMT have progressed from being a novelty to a mainstream tool that can improve healthcare efficiency and reduce costs.

The Show2Doc Patient app with connected devices for personal
monitoring at home provides continuous care and peace of mind for patient and convenience for doctor.