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Precise instrument
for treatment online

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution

Show2Doc is worldwide Doctor-to-Patient monitoring and communication platform.

Proper treatment of early stages can significantly reduce the number of heavy cases and hospitalizations.

Show2Doc allows virtual care with possibility of full scope outpatient treatment with no visits to the clinic: convenient task manager, simple videocalls, timely Live chat, doctors prescriptions, medication management, patient diary, vitals monitoring, scheduling and much more.

Daily monitoring with Show2Doc allows doctors to manage a treatment process and keep tracking patients activities. 

Implementation of daily monitoring of health status and follow-up of prescriptions for patients in self-isolation and ambulatory treatment can become an effective instrument for timely detection of changes in symptoms.

White Label

  • your own brand
  • local cloud set up
  • branded Patient App in Google Play and App Store
  • possibility of set up for hospital servers
  • advanced customization for your customers

Start your own RPM business now!

START your own RPM business right now!
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Show2Doc — precise instrument for treatment online

Doctor-Patient communication platform Show2Doc allows to set individual measurements and medication schedule for each patient, connect via text and video chat with him for clarification and moral support.

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It is web-based for the doctor, a user-friendly app for the patient (Android and iOS), ISO certified with secured cloud in the EU.

Web-based interface for the Doctor

Web-based interface for the doctor

Android and iOS apps for the Patient

Android and iOS apps for the patient

Medical devices for home use

Virtual cloud platform

Secured virtual cloud platform

For Doctors

  • Subscriptions
  • Full-fledged workflows
  • Patients EHR in one place
  • Chats and video-calls with the patient
  • Reports

For Patients

  • Calendar and task manager
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Measurement with connected medical devices
  • Chats and video-calls with the doctor

Benefits of the Show2Doc platform

Treatment during a pandemic

Continuous treatment and care during the pandemic

Significant reducing of labour time for each patient daily monitoring

Frequent communication between patient and doctor

Using of main advantages of many products: messengers, video chats, online questionaries, medication managers

Guarantee of data protection and confidential environment

Time, cost and life saving

Documenting patient compliance with doctors prescriptions

Saving fuel and travel expenses for doctor and patient

If you would like to learn more about Show2Doc, send us a message below or book a demo with us.

Continuous care with portable
medical devices

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity and rising adoption of digital health technology are some of the key factors promoting the growth of mobile health solutions.

For many people mHealth and IoMT have progressed from being a novelty to a mainstream tool that can improve healthcare efficiency and reduce costs.

The Show2Doc Patient app with connected devices for personal monitoring at home provides continuous care and peace of mind for the patient and convenience for the doctor. Patient may use own devices and put data manually into the Show2Doc App or use our connected devices with automated upload in the platform.

Patient application in convenient format

Available for Android and iOS

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